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The Space Laboratory 2016



Centro Superior de Investigación y Promoción de la Música y

Departamento Interfacultativo de Música


This is a call for composers and sound artists who want to test and introduce their creations, designed for a multichannel system in Auditorio 400 at Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, and the possible interaction with live musical instruments.


1.- Electroacoustic works or sound art works recorded on fixed media will be admitted, to be diffused by a sound system as mentioned in point number 7 in this document. A mixed work can also be admitted on condition of including a violin and/or a clarinet (also bass clarinet) and electroacustics either recorded or live.  The player(s) will be able to stay in any place in the hall.

2.- Every author will be able to send only a single work, of a maximum duration of 15 minutes. Previous public performances of the work are accepted.

3.- Concerning the authors, any nationality, without a limit of age, will be accepted.

4.- The application for taking part in the Space Laboratory must be done in an anonymous way, therefore, all the materials sent must be labelled only with the title of the work and a motto. Any application including information about the identity of the author will be rejected. It will be necessary to submit:

- In case of an acousmatic work: a version of the work recorded in a CD-audio.

- In case of a mixed work: score, CD-audio with a recording or a demo of the          complete work (intruments plus electronics). In the case of live electronics,          technical instructions (including the equipment brought for the occasion by the artist, and a map for mono audio inputs and outputs to the system mentioned in point 7).

-  A printed short text with a comment on the work.

- A chart with the number of mono tracks of the concert version and how to map each track to each loudspeaker, and the place for the instrumental soloist/s  (see point 7 of these requirements).

 - A closed envelope labelled with the title of the work and the same motto; it must contain a photocopy of the document of the identity of the author, or of is/her passport, telephone number, an electronic mail address and a postal address.

5.- The works can be submitted by post up to 15th January 2016 (postage stamp date) or being given in person (schedules: Monday to Friday from 9:30 AM to 13:30 PM) in the following address: “El Laboratorio del Espacio 2016”, JIEM 2016, Secretaría del Dpto. Interfacultativo de Música, Módulo IV, Facultad de Educación, Campus de Cantoblanco, 28049 Madrid, España.

6.- Every chosen work will be diffused by his author, or for somebody else with the author’s permission, in the concert entitled "The Laboratory of Space 2016" that will take place on 4th March 2016 at 19.30 in Auditorio 400 at Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (Madrid).  In the case of mixed works with live electroacustics, the composer will provide the necessary devices for the making of his/her work (software and/or hardware), to be integrated in the system as it reads in point 7.  There will be information about the schedule of rehearsals for every work.

7.- The diffusion system consists of a computer, running a sequencer software with a maximum of 18 independent audio outputs, fixed or wireless microphones, and a Yamaha 02R96 mixer with 30 independent output lines to the following speakers: stage: 2 Meyer UPA-1P, 2 UPJ-1P, 2 USW-1P (subwoofers), 4 UPM-1P, 2 UPJ-1P (hanging), 4 Bose 802 (taking 2 input lines). "Surround": 12 Meyer UPM-1P. At the stalls: 4 Yamaha NS60. See the blueprint of speakers placement. If “fold back” lines for the soloists were necessary, it would be made by means of “in-ear” headphones. The definite format of the recorded part of the work for the concert must be in monophonic .aif or .wav files (up to a maximum of 18), in 16 bit, 44, kHz. 

8.- A jury will choose the works considered to be the best ones concerning the artistic quality and interest for the use of space. Their decision will be a definite one.

9.- The result will be informed to the artists with chosen works and by means of the web of the conference before 1st February 2016. The non-chosen works will be at their authors' disposal, who will be able to withdraw them in person in the address above mentioned, by means of its identification by its motto, along a period of three months starting from the decision of the jury. After this period, the non-withdrawn materials will be destroyed.

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